Guide to Bugsworth Canal Basin

Bugsworth Basin Complex

Ground Panel Location
Welcome Panels
Observation Panels

Interpretation panels

Look for the interpretation panels – some are mounted on plinths, some in the safety railings and some at ground level. Match the pages below to the ground panels, line up the arrows and learn about working life at Bugsworth. You can also download a PDF version of the guide.

You can find more detail on various aspects of the Basin in the pages below, or download a PDF version of the guide.

Bugsworth Basin exhibition

Housed in the cabin near Blackbrook House, there is a display of photographs, artefacts and models, telling the history of the Peak Forest Canal and Tramway and Buxworth village. You'll find images from around 1900, maps, aerial photographs, images of local people, then and now photos, before and after photos of the restoration, and descriptions of the operations at Bugsworth Basin and the Peak Forest Tramway.

Read more about the story and the legacy of Bugsworth Basin.