Replica Peak Forest Tramway Wagon

Two of our members, Vern Brown and Mark Tiddy, are building a replica PFT Wagon. There is only one still in existence, at the National Railway Museum at York. Vern has full construction drawings, and we have at least four original wheels and many bits and pieces salvaged from dredgings. The timber used will be planks sawn from redundant oak lock gate balance beams courtesy of the Canal & River Trust. Once the replica is complete, it will be sited at Bugsworth Basin as a monument to Bugsworth's bygone history.

Vern would welcome volunteer help, especially those with blacksmith, riveting, or metal fabrication experience. New parts will have to be made from drawings or replicated from original, but possibly damaged parts.


Vern writes:

Phew! what a weekend's work.

Mark and I assembled the last bits onto the wagon chassis about 4.30 on Easter Sunday at the Buxworth Gala, leaving a few steel parts to be made and fitted. The photo shows the completed wooden underframe and the wedges originally used to secure the body to the chassis. We are talking to a company with a view to obtaining the steel for the body which we would then be able to construct over next winter, ready to be displayed at next years gala. Help with this would be appreciated, watch this space for updates on progress. We have an offer to rivet it together, hopefully as a demonstration at the autumn steam weekend in 2016.

Vern and Mark will be working on the wagon at the Buxworth Community Gala over the Easter weekend, so please feel free to come down and see the project in action.

They plan to work on the chassis and would welcome offers of assistance for building the body. This will be in mild steel but still hot riveted – about 150 rivets, so 300 holes to be drilled.